Yorkshire day Is celebrated on, Oh wait, TODAY!

We have offices in Harrogate, and design and develop websites, create logos, brands, video and graphics for business’s in Ilkley, Bradford, Leeds and beyond, so it’s only right we celebrate today!

The 1st of August is THE day to promote and celebrate the historic English county of Yorkshire, (although we are loudly proud every day…).

Yorkshire Day was originates from a military holiday but it’s roots stem from more than just this – including the emancipation of slaves in 1834, military customs, and protests about losing Yorkshire’s cultural identity

When we think of Yorkshire it’s known for its Tea and Yorkshire puddings, but there’s more to know from god’s own county.

Did you know..?

It’s one of Britain’s spookiest counties. Yes, apparently God’s own county is home to more ghostly sightings than any others. They even have a mysterious goose ghoul on the loose….

The inventor of the modern loo ‘Thomas Crapper’ was born in Yorkshire, (we are still full of it… )

Yorkshire Terriers were called ‘Broken Haired Scotch Terriers’ until 1870 – this feisty little dog is a perfect symbol for our county)

If Yorkshire was a country we would have come 12th in the 2012 Olympics

and of course we all know the current England team did so well because of the amount of Yorkshire lads in it

Yorkshire is historically known for its renowned Rhubarb and sweet ginger cake called Parkin – and of course our puddings.

Without Yorkshire we wouldn’t have football clubs! Sheffield FC was the first ever football club formed in 1857.

If you are already celebrating or looking to celebrate they say the best way to do so is have a go at Yorkshire pudding throwing! Get your flags and bunting out and display the famous Yorkshire Rose. Be sure to wear your flat cap and attend one of the many events happening around Yorkshire today!

Enjoy Yorkshire Day from Boom!