I know most of you are thinking that a 404 page not found page isn’t all that cool and that a user getting any kind error message from your website would be bad news – but what if I told you 404 error page could actually increase your conversions and boost revenue?

You cannot prevent your website from occasionally displaying 404 not found – it is a client-side Error which means that either the page your user has tried to access, (maybe one they had saved from a good while ago), has been removed or moved, the URL was not updated accordingly, or that they typed in the URL incorrectly. 

So if you can’t totally prevent it – how can you use this to your advantage? 

Well, all the stats show that a cool and unique 404 page not found page can increase your conversions, engagement and and boost revenue…

We know your mind is blown and we know it sounds almost to good to be true but with some effort, creating the right 404 page design and the correct optimisation, you can turn your lost seekers into loyal and well looked after customers. 

Later in this blog we will be showing you an example of our own 404 page not found page but before the fun, (we are proud of it I can’t lie…!), but before that, let’s get the not so fun part out of the way. 

So what is a 404 error page and why should you even care about it..?

Sometimes links can go bad over a long period time, it will happen to every site once in its cycle and it’s completely fine. Sometimes products/services get removed, some pages or images get deleted or there can even be a change in the permalink structure. 

When you have a visitor who clicks on a link to a deleted or moved page they will be welcomes with your 404 error page, they will also see this error page if they mistype a URL or click on a broken link. 

So if your website has a 404 error page anyway, why not make it stand out and be and on brand? 

We know you want to keep all of those visitors that look hit your website engaged and interested for as long as possible to give you the best chance of turning them into loyal customers, so if doing this one little change helps this then why not do it! 

As long as your 404 error page is completely on brand, it can be as bonkers and crazy, (or as serious and informative if that is more you), as you can think to make it. A 404 not found page is an extra chance to deliver great service and show how your brand tackles things when they go wrong. 

Check out or 404 error page below, along with with some cool tips – interested in having one of your own? Get in touch and we will talk you through the process. 
Here are some top tips for a good 404 page:

  • Don’t just rely on the default
  • Think outside the box
  • Make it relevant
  • Add more value
  • Be consistent

Link to or imbedded version of 404 video

Our advice is always free and freely given – so if you would like some free advice and information or just to have a chat about the best way to make the right 404 error page for you then get in touch to take the edge of a little…

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