Welcome to our blog on the importance on keeping your website updated with new text and images.

Good content is what makes your website, ensuring that it delivers the correct message to your potential and existing customers alike.

How successful your website becomes, is in part down to the text and images your website showcases.

When you are selling a product itself or a service, a long side your other marketing, your reputation and perhaps a sales team, your website is a key, public tool, accessible 24/7, 365 days a year. Insuring you have eye catching images, well written content and an amazing design, will back your company up 100%.

When creating your website or adding content it may be a good idea to think about having a strap line; something which will stick in someones mind and always refer them back to your services.

One of the most beneficial things about having good content is that it can increase the number of people who find your website. Updating your content regularly and making sure your website is connected to social media will help search engines find your site and increase the chances of ranking well on Google.

I am now going to talk you through the basics on how to update text and images on your website:
Logging Into WordPress:
To get into the back end of your website you will need to enter the following web address into the URL:
http://examplewebsite.co.uk/wp-admin (When your website goes live you will log into the back of your website using your domain name and by adding /wp-admin).
Once you have entered this you will then be asked to enter a username and password. Which we set up in the training session. If you are unable to remember the username or password please either ring or email and we will be able to change this for you.


Once logged in you will automatically be sent to the dashboard where this will show you at a glance how many pages, posts, some WordPress news and also some little bits of information about WordPress itself.


Adding A New Page or Editing an Old One:

To add a new page to the website you will need to click on pages along the left hand of the website, once this has opened it will automatically show you a full list of the pages you currently have on the website. Here it also shows you draft pages that aren’t live on your site.

At the top of the page there is a button which says “Add New”. Once you have clicked on this it will load a new page where you have the option to add a title and the information onto the page. Once you have given the page a title and added the information you have the option to also add an image. You can do this by clicking on add media. This will automatically open into all of the images which have already been added to the site. To add a new image you will need to click on “Upload New” and then this will open your computer drive for you to add a new image.


Editing A Page:

If you would like to edit a page on the website you will need to do the same as before which is clicking on pages on the left hand side of the screen and then the website will show a list of pages that you have on the website. There are 4 options when you hover over the page that you would like to edit these  are;

Edit – which opens the page for you to edit all of the content.

Quick Edit – shows you when the page was made and who by, allowing you to edit the title, slug and parent page.

View – which allows you to view the page.

Trash – which would trash the page (if this is done we can get it back.) For example if you wanted to edit the recycling page you would click on recycling. Scroll down the page and you will be able to see that each section will have its only title and also the images for you to be able to change.

managing wordpress


Adding Images to a Page: 

To add an image to your website page slider or featured image they all follow the same concept. You will see a button which says “Add Image”. Which will automatically open the media images which are currently available on the website. In this section there will be 2 options. One where you can choose from the images which have already been added to the website, or another tab which says upload new. The upload new tab is where you would add any images which are on your computer to the website. Uploading a new file follows the same steps the same as you would if you were adding an image to Facebook or Twitter.


The Most Important Part of Updating Your Website: 

This seems like one of the easiest steps when it comes to updating your website. With content but its one that commonly gets forgotten- PRESSING UPDATE. After a long day of re-writing your content. Adding a load of new fantastic images the last thing you want to know you forget was pressing update. The best way of remembering is to know that the update button is. The blue button on the right hand side of the screen, save regularly just like writing a word document.

managing wordpress


Taking Updates:
Wordpress have updates that come out regularly I would recommend that you check the site for updates every 2 weeks.
Here is why it is important to keep your WordPress site updated:

Keeping your website safe is the one of the most important reasons as to why you should keep your WordPress website up to date.  Wordpress currently powers 23% of all of the websites in the world. Due to it being so popular it has become a bigger target for hackers to attack.

Wordpress developers are always working on to make everything faster. Each new update to WordPress comes with different performance improvements. They will make websites run faster and that are more efficient. Considering speed is a huge factor with SEO. You should make sure that your WordPress site is up to date to ensure maximum performance benefits.

How to Update WordPress:
To update your WordPress website you will need to click on Dashboard. On the left hand side tool bar, once this has been clicked on there will be a little dropdown which says updates. If you click on this then it will show you whether the website will need updating.

I hope you enjoyed reading our blog. Do not forget to keep updating your website with new text and images, your website is key in your business!