Learn the the importance updating wordpress:-

With an ever evolving internet, with data breaches and hackers becoming more and more prominent. There is no better time to make sure your WordPress site is up to date. In the past WordPress had a reputation of not having the most secure firewall. I was  quite vulnerable to being hacked. Things have now changed though and its becoming increasingly more difficult for WordPress sites to be infiltrated. This doesn’t mean that you are completely safe.

How ever even as of recently, WordPress version 4.7 had a vulnerability that allowed access through content injection. Especially allowing spam pages and posts to be posted to your site. There for first of all i would 100% recommend updating, if you haven’t alread.  From version 4.7 to completely get rid of the chance that your site is infiltrated in such a way. This is one of the biggest reasons why you should make sure your WordPress site is up to date. Hackers frequently discover ways of infiltrating websites, WordPress frequently patches these methods when releasing updates.

As well as this WordPress is like any other piece of software where new features are released or improved upon to better the user experience or the performance of the site. Same thing goes for the plugins on your site, they are all updated with bug fixes and additional features frequently. There for Some changes to plugins will only work with the site being on the latest version of WordPress and when it comes to installing a new plugin you can find that some wont work at all on your site.

Keeping your website up to date is just as important and as easy as updating your phone or your computer. Just as most people find it important to keep their phone up to date, its so incredibly easy to do so. It is as easy to do that with your website, just simply login and click the upgrade option on the dashboard to start the update, even easier than that you can set it up to automatically update in the settings. So why should you keep your WordPress website up to date. How ever, have a look here.

Protect your site possible hacks
Get the latest WordPress features
Reduce issues with plugin compatibility
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