As the nature of the internet has changed so has the way that web development work. They have had to change the way in which they work. This is especially prevalent when it comes to an SEO first strategy when making your websites. Even more so for a site thats entering a competitive search market. Ensuring that your website is ready to succeed from the code up, making it easy to make changes and improve upon is crucial.

At Boom Solutions we quite often sell SEO packages to our customers with the creation of their website. Whilst the designs are being finalised and signed off to the customer, we undertake full Competitor and Keyword research. This will allow for the customer to understand what market the site is going to live in. From here we then set out a plan of any additional features to the site. This would benefit the site in terms of SEO, for example any specific markup etc.

This might seem like an obvious one but its quite often missed. Make sure that your developers know the basics of structuring a page for SEO. We quite often pick up websites for SEO from other companies and dont see basic H tag structures in place. Determine that your developers know all the appropriate tags to properly structure a page. This shouldn’t restrict the way they work and code at all and means that in the future changes can be made easily.

If you plan well ahead you wont have to change any of the smaller, more knit picky things that an SEO has to do. Making sure that the Developer has all the correct information for Titles. The keywords and alt texts before development has even started can give you a head start into content creation and Link Building.

That is SEO summed up 🙂