Cake Web Design is a team of website designers & developers dedicated to creating modern, mobile-friendly and custom built websites at an affordable price. Cake Web Design is here to help create and build your very own amazing website with all the trimmings and toppings at a cost-effective friendly price.

What we do is pretty simple, safe, effective and it works!  Have you always wanted a website? Didn’t quite know where to start, Cake can help you achieve a stunning website that functions brilliantly accomplishing them all important tick lists that Google looks for in your polished website.

Some of the real benefits of making your website with cake is that its affordable and easy. With monthly payments and expert advice and a selection of three packages to choose from ranging in different features and attributes.

Packages available from Cake fall into a basic package, professional and Professional Plus. They vary from cost and to what features you will get in each package, start from £49pm I know what your thinking… Is that it? You truly can have your cake and eat it!

•No startup fee

•Built in the Uk

•Safe and Secure

•Fast turn around time

•Free cake on sign up (depending on staffs appetite)

Your website will be built in-house from our perfectly blended team of developers and designers. On average they take around 1-2 weeks to build, this is very dependant on response times, providing us with content and getting back to us with information promptly.

Whilst Cake is fantastic, easy and packs a punch. You may be looking for something more bespoke. Cake has a Sister company called Boom Solutions. Whisking up amazing, functional, responsive websites over the World Wide Web. Across the two companies distributing and contributing to astonishingly impeccable tasting, opps! I mean working Websites.

If you would like to start your monthly package with us here at Cake Web Design it’d quick and its easy to use. You just need to get in touch with us using our contact page.

It’s easy, it’s affordable and it is Cake.