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Welcome To Boom Solutions

We are a small, dynamic team of people who work together to create great looking websites and successful media solutions. Rather than simply building websites that look good we also focus on web design, developing websites that are coded correctly and Google can understand so that your new website can compete for you in the busy internet market place for new business. We believe that a website should earn its place within the company and justify its cost. All the websites we design are created to achieve a particular purpose – never just for the sake of it.

We have offices in Sittingbourne in Kent, Harrogate in Yorkshire and Shoreditch in London.

As a personable company, we pride ourselves on the strong bonds and working relationships we build with our clients, all of whom we meet personally.

Our process begins with a design questionnaire which acts as an anchor during a process of “discovery” where we research, sketch, discuss and put together colours, shapes and inspiration. We then sit down with yourselves to go through the findings before creating a initial Homepage design in layered photoshop. During this process, the design can be tweaked and changed as much as is necessary to get something that is perfect. We would like to meet face to face as when necessary, but at least once a month, we feel it leads to a better end product and is also a quicker and more pleasant way to work. Once a Homepage design is agree on, internal page designs are created, following the design lead from the homepage to create a coherent and fluid design across the whole site. At the point that you are happy with all design work, we ask you to sign it off and we beginning the coding process to bring your design to life. We use cloud based communication software to keep all participants in each of our projects engaged and informed. You can include as many members of your team as you wish in this process and our system can be accessed via email, desktop and laptop, mobile and tablet.

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The  story of Boom began one day when  fate brought David and Gemma together at a training course they were simply delighted to ‘endure’. They immediately struck up a friendship – the closest kind of friendship where you don’t mind being told you have lego hair. It turns out that for years they had both been thinking the same thing: the world of marketing isn’t giving small and medium businesses what they want: low cost, simple marketing solutions that aren’t complicated and actually deliver a return.

In between an excessive amount of moaning and a totally disproportionate amount of dancing to 90s music they decided they would be the ones to change the world. Well the marketing world anyway – by bringing expert graphic design and  cutting edge website technology  together with good old fashioned,  friendly and personal service –  they assembled a crack team of professionals, (and one office dog),
So welcome our world. At Boom Solutions everything we offer is simple and easy to understand and use right from our websites to our various forms of local online marketing. If something is easy to use you can get the most out of it. We have crunched the numbers to make everything offer the best value possible while still delivering quality. We’re not interested in what you are doing on the internet we want to know what you want the internet to do for you. It’s a wonderful business tool but you need to be using it right and we can show you how. We don’t want to tie you in to any complicated contracts or strangle you with clauses; we simply want to help you get the most you can out of the net.


So grab a bag of crisps, get a bad haircut and join us!

David & Gemma