Do you Feel Like Your Website isn’t pulling its Weight..?

With thousands of websites out there offering services and giving out information, the main aim for businesses is to attract visitors and customers. However many sites aren’t able to do this, often because of these common pit falls – is yours one of them…?

1. Bad content quality

You want to be sure that the content you’re adding into your site is relatable to your business and can attracted visitors. For this, you need to be open, clear and informative about your products and services. People are more likely to go with your company if you do!

2. Design is outdated

Design is everything when it comes to websites as it’s the first thing a visitor will notice if they come across your website. When a website presents itself in a professional, colourful and modern themed way, it will appeal to people more than if it appears outdated and therefore unprofessional. If your website is out dated, that may well be how people perceive your company too! Make sure your colours are consistent and compliment your business while appealing to your potential customers.

3. Website loads slowly

Some websites can take a while to load properly which can make potential customers leave your site and take a look at your competition. This of course could potentially lead to a decrease in sales and also give your business a bad reputation. If someone had a bad experience on your site, they can tell other people. Make sure your site loads quickly, even on a mobile phone, that it works in all browsers and devices, and that all the functionality works. It worth noting that large images can deter a site from loading efficiently and It’s worth asking an expert for help if you suspect this is the case with your site.

4. Poor social media following

Social media is very important for businesses and many don’t have their company on any social media platforms which actually affects them without them realising. By having Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, companies are creating a buzz around their brand and keeping their websites at the same time – many followers tend access websites via social media. By having these accounts, you can promote your business and website while posting relevant, engaging content and information which will increase your followers and get people talking about you!

If you feel like any of the above might be affecting you,we offer a website and social media health check. Along with some helpful hints and tips, it is completely free of charge and might just be the jump start you need!